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Friday, April 07, 2006

Does it make me look fat?

What started as a failed icebreaker at a party might become the next big fad.

Chris Lindland was at a c0cktail party, surrounded by clothing designers; Chris Lindland had nothing to say. He resigned himself to staring down at his shoes, afraid to say something extremely stupid. As he gazed down at his shoes, however, a question came to mind, and a question about clothing; Lindland thought he had it made.

"How come no one makes horizontal cords?" Unfortunately for Lindland, he had just done what he had been trying to avoid; he was met with disgust. Horizontal lines make people look fat!

Well, Lindland thought it was a good idea; they could never stop him from making them! So, after a few years of just thinking about it he finally did something about it; Lindland paid someone to make a pair. And so, the ball began to roll; people began to ask him where he had acquired these amazing pants.

Inspired by this interest, Lindland set out to sell his pants to the public; in 2004, five years after he had been standing amongst all those clothing designers, he broke all their rules.

From the very start fait chose to be against his plans, and Lindland hit his first snag during the production of his first order of pants; the second snag was not far behind. When the pants finally arrived, no one would stalk them, and he was stuck with the pants he had worked so hard to get. Set, rather single mindedly, to his goal, however, Lindland launched a website to sell his pants. So far production seems to be going well, and several other products have been added to the lineup.

Perhaps there’ll be a whole line of horizontal corduroy products in future.

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Buy here: cordarounds.com

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